Engaging All

A wide research shows that a broad set of business benefit is associated with gender diversity in corporate boards. This includes an financial performance and a shareholder value improvement, an increased customer and employee satisfaction, an increased confidence of the investor and a better market knowledge and reputation.

In Portugal , only 12% women are members of the Board of Publicly trade Companies and none of them are CEOs. Portugal is one of the European Countries where fewer women are breaking the glass and are promoted as Directors in Boards.


Engaging All Project

PWN Lisbon realizes the importance of supporting women into develop their careers. We work closely with stakeholders to promote several programs to support women in their careers, such as mentoring, coaching and meetings with business associations, so we can prepare Womens who wish to prepare their future in a board.

The most important in this project are the Women them self's, who also become more aware of their potential and should work to develop self-empowerment and assertiveness.

Engaging All  pretends to give a greater visibility and the opportunity to benefit from our different partnerships.

This project has already a group of candidates who are ready to become a board member.

For those of who plan to enter a board later on in time and wish to be prepared, we aim to help you improve your positioning in relation to the CEO and board by facilitating and organizing specific events to be better prepared and mentoring training and coaching sessions together with our Professional Development.

PWN Lisbon follows a systemic approach into supporting its individual members in this process of accelerating their careers. It gives mentoring, coaching and leadership training, assists companies in developing gender diversity programs and supports any public policy that aims to give women access to decision making positions.

Program Manager: Mariana Branquinho

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