• Balanced Leadership


    PWN Lisbon NeuroLeadership Program 2020-2021


    Two levels, the same approach, growing challenges and personal engagement.


    Brain, mind, body – neurosciences in action

    September 2020 > January 2021



    Life design & talent management                    

    May 2021 > November 2021 (Summer Break from late June till mid-September)



    Recent advancements in the neurosciences, neurobehavioral medicines and psychology are moving us to a bigger knowledge about our brain, mind and body. Grasping the understanding of research leads us to design better adjustments and adaptive leadership behaviors.

    PWN Lisbon Neuroleadership Program offers you a hands-on work with hypothesis, plans and techniques that can help you improve your purpose,  your collaborative performance and how you experience your Career. 


    In 2020/2021, the course will be held online, with synchronous and asynchronous sessions due to the global extraordinary condition.


    Our speakers are both national and international. Course is mainly delivery in Portuguese, some sessions to be held in English with international guests.

    WHAT’S NEW? 

    Special edition 2020/2021 will offer:

    ·      New challenges will also be held with two new approaches: design thinking and gamification.

    ·      PWN Leadership course is going Global as a few sessions will be joined by other PWN members from other city networks 



    In a fast pacing world, balancing our live become central. Handling personal and professional challenges are coming every day, and the permanent need of adjusting and re-skilling is a must-have to thrive in life. Based on the best experiments and recent research, the course baseline on neuroscience will help you to focus on:

    ·      Acknowledgement of profile and behaviour patterns

    ·      Neuroplasticity to develop self-knowledge and resilience

    ·      Behavioural change techniques to design adaptation

    Gamification and mobile adaptive learning will help you to develop:

    ·      Curiosity

    ·      Motivation

    ·      Engagement and Joy

    ·      Memory training (enhancement of working memory and long term memory)

    ·      Collaborative work engagement in duels and battels

    And lastly, Design Thinking Techniques will help you to increase:

    ·      Innovation creativity

    ·      Negotiation ability

    ·      Collaborative work

    ·      Agile Action

    ·      Shared Vision


    Key areas of the sessions:

    ·      Profiling and Self-knowledge

    ·      How the brain learns: learn, forget, and relearn as the best way to adapt to uncertainty

    ·      Executive functions and decision taking

    ·      Think slow, think fast and the implications on anticipation to take better decisions

    ·      Sleep, food, physical performance, and healthy life

    ·      Gamification, Adaptive Learning

    ·      Design Thinking

    ·      Emotions, empathy, and Ethics/Moral

    ·      Empathy, trust, and teams

    ·      The power to anticipate trends and the Prospective Leadership in decision taking

    ·      Career Development Techniques

    ·      Deal with change

    ·      Psychological Capital

    ·      Reframing your journey

    ·      Reflect on your choices



    Level I:  Closed

    Level II: NEW DATED, until May 15th.  Link for application:  https://forms.gle/Bo96VqZorbpXdYFA8



    210€ per level*

    Including certificate DGERT, by attending to a minimum of 85% sessions.

    *Its mandatory to be PWN Lisbon  member - Premium or Corporate - to attend to our program, being that payment will only be requested after confirmed admission

    *Non-members and Free Users,  once selected and admitted to the program, must become PWN LISBON Premium members, with the payment of 85€ annual fee


    Find more information about @NEUROLEADERSHIP_PROGRAM_2020-2021

    and Level II session details UPDATED 2020_2021_Calendar_Level2_Updated

     Any other questions please contact us at contact@pwnlisbon.com or leadership@pwnlisbon.com


  • Mentoring

    Mentoring is recognised as cost-effective and impactful way to prepare future business leaders. In the past years 60% of people who participated in a PWN mentoring programme have gone on to achieve their life change goal, including promotions and career changes. This could be the start of the rest of your life!   

    PWN Lisbon’s mentoring program pairs together mentees, PWN members, with mentors that are references in their areas. The program is designed for three different segments of seniority, from board ready women to those taking their first steps in their professional career.

    The mentees work with their mentor to set and achieve goals during 8-12 monthly sessions.
    They have the support of a team that accompanies the pair as needed and organizes get-togethers aimed at networking and sharing.

    The program has grown significantly given its result orientation and mentors report that learning is mutual.

    If you are a PWN Member, you will be eligible to join our highly regarded mentoring program. Find more information HERE!.


  • Entrepreneurship

    Currently, 30% of PWN’s global member base identify themselves as Entrepreneurs. If you are one, or aspire to be one, this strand of our work can give you an excellent insight simply by introducing you to an established network of entrepreneurs. In addition to this niche networking opportunity, we can also provide you with lots of practical advice as you establish and develop your business ideas.

  • Women on Board

    A wide research shows that a broad set of business benefit is associated with gender diversity in corporate boards. This includes an financial performance and a shareholder value improvement, an increased customer and employee satisfaction, an increased confidence of the investor and a better market knowledge and reputation.

    In Portugal , only 12% women are members of the Board of Publicly trade Companies and none of them are CEOs. Portugal is one of the European Countries where fewer women are breaking the glass and are promoted as Directors in Boards.

    Read more
  • Networking / Events

    Networking is one of the single most powerful ways to boost your career - our mantra: connect, share, learn, develop, is exactly what networking is about. The more you connect and share, the more you learn and learning always leads to development. Take a more detailed look at the benefits of networking, how to do it, and the amazing list on online and offline events that we run around the world.


    Through the YOUTH PROGRAM, PWN LISBON aims to be the leading network in Portugal for young women to find empowering, learning & sharing experiences and connections in the early stage of their professional lives, in order to leverage their career.

    For more information, download 3rd_Edition_YOUTH_PROGRAM_2021

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