Ana Maria Ramos Pereira
Community Manager

Following her taste for Mathematics and Chemistry, the tradition of her family and town where she was born, graduated in Textile Engineering - Production Branch, at the University of Beira Interior, Portugal. Did the curricular internship at Hoechst Fibras - Portalegre, with an extension to conclude the project started. Joined an American women's swimsuit manufacture company - former Apparel Ventures Inc, later acquired by Manhattan Beachwear Inc - which owns a small office with a prime-quality factory in Portugal, for the management of European clients. Ana Maria started with functions in the quality area, being the initial temporary project to elaborate internal procedures for the largest European client, Marks & Spencer UK, and to collaborate in the ISO certification of the company. Stayed for almost 17 years doing transversal work in several areas monitoring procedures of brands in the Private Label regime - material development and product specifications, material purchasing, production planning, packaging and shipping follow-up, logistics, and invoicing reconciliation processes. Assumed functions of responsible for the Purchasing department, Asia Production Planning and Quality, and Client Customer Compliance.

Made a life path change, starting in 2017 a part-time job as Community Manager of PWN Lisbon. In 2020, also as a part-time job, joined Portugal Regional Office of IE-University, as Admissions Coordinator at IE Portugal Office.

Accumulates functions of personal organization, paperwork care and accountability for private clients. Conciliates private lessons of mathematics and physical-chemistry at high-school level, volunteer for several institutions: collects, organize, recycle and deliver goods to social institutions and people in need. Since 2014, volunteering at CherryPapaya Kids represents the brand and does assembly work at national and international fairs and markets, when needed.